SME Advisory Centre

The centre aims at supporting visionary owner managers of business organization through a multi faceted approach including training, business counseling, networking, provision of resource material and consultancy among others. Membership is through subscription, renewable annually.

Members can opt to go through any of the programmes below.

Business Start Up Programme

For potential entrepreneurs and those who have just started a business. It is based upon self

assessment, idea generation, resource allocation and business plan development.

Business Survival Programme

For entrepreneurs who have been in business for a period of 2-3 years. The focus is on business stabilization and the forming of a firm foundation for growth.

Business Growth Programme.

The programme targets entrepreneurs who have passed the survival stage. It is designed to

develop skills in finance; marketing and management to enable them focus on the

expansion and growth of their businesses.

Benefits of membership to the Centre include:

  • Attending trainings at discounted rates
  • Networking with other businesspeople
  • Members can borrow business books and other publications on a short term basis.
  • Members receive regular newsletters from the company.